Efficacy of temephos and permethrin in black fly (Simulium spp) control and their effect on non-target entomofauna in a portion of Sanaga Valley in Cameroon

N. P. Baleguel, J. N. Che, P. D. Baleguel


The biodiversity in the Congo Basin can be at once a blessing and a curse. A good example of a curse is the abundance of insects that cause nuisance and morbidity in this area especially onchercerciasis transmitted by black fly (Similium spp) which is a major problem in disturbed environments (climate change). Black fly bites reduce the duration a man can work and increase the likelihood of the transmission of onchoceciasis (river blindness) in the tropical rainforest area of Cameroon. In order to decrease nuisance and morbidity caused by black fly and improve farmers' productivity, a study was conducted between 2007 and 2009 in a portion of Sanaga Valley in Cameroon (Monatele (04° 09 N, 11° 01 E), Ossebe (04° 03 N, 10° 36 E), Songndong (03° 51 N, 10° 15 E), Batombe (03° 51 N, 10° 10 E ) and Ka'a (04° 43 N, 12° 24 E)), one of the most infected zones of the country. Black fly and non-target insects captured were identified using identification keys. Data recorded on sticky traps and artificial breeding sites were used to evaluate the efficacy of temephos and permethrin, and their impact on non-target associated entomofauna in the reproduction sites of Simulium damnosum. Both larvicides, temephos and permethrin, are effective in the control of black fly though permethrin caused limited undesirable effects on non-target species. Insects of the Order Odonata were more affected by permethrin than insects of the Orders Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera and Tricoptera (EPT), which are the most vulnerable orders. This means that it has limited environmental effects when sprayed as specified in this trial and can be used in the integrated vector management of black fly.


spraying; non-target organisms; resistance; black fly; Cameroon

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